Saturday, June 04, 2005

Music bloggers and their ad rates

Fuck Y'all... Not that anybody cares but Vinyl Mine will NEVER take advertising or try to sell you shit.
It's not exactly the Gawker media empire, but it's a good start. Digital Music News has a piece on the formation of a music blog network and refers to the upper crust of music bloggers as a "increasingly important arbiters of taste, with the savvy tastemakers speaking to incredibly targeted groups of listeners." (Coolfer, though as savvy as they come, is not a part of the network.)
Per Coolfer

Sample of participants and their prices for a blowjob (source):

Blogwankers - $80
Stereocum - $200 (!! Fuck, reused pictures of Britney sure cost lots)
Dongwaiting - $30
Large Hearted Whore - $50
Glorious Boys - $40


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