Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Blue Orchid" a "misleading introduction" to new White Stripes?

so says volume 10 news. Those of you who may have been disappointed by the bland "Blue Orchid" might take heart:

The White Stripes unveiled their latest album, "Get Behind Me Satan", in the bizarre setting of the Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall last night.

The band only entered the studio last month and say that no songs were finished and none had been played live when they started recording. That said, the album is now complete and due for release on 6th June.

The first single, "Blue Orchid", is out in May and available as a download now, but it's metal-tinged simplicity is a misleading introduction to the album.

Classic White Stripes tracks sit alongside more reflective songs, like the traditional old-country ballad "I'm Lonely" and "White Moon" which is a tortured song punctuated by sombre throbs of bass. Alongside these is the dense but upbeat "My Doorbell" and a swaggering song called "The Denial Twist".

The highlight of the album is a track called "Little Ghost", a cheery back porch strum-a-long, with a similar feel to their breakthrough hit "Hotel Yorba".


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