Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fuck Bloglines and their Terms of Service (Updated)

UPDATE: Heh...Bloglines must have had an outage... oh well, I take back every nasty thing I can check VM Clip Shack Version 1.0 here... never mind...but I'll be blogging from here forevermore...

Here's where the party now is. Because people expect Vinyl Mine to be an MP3 blog, I need an outlet to either pass on news of interest, make some light banter or just vent - so I'm moving my old Clip Shack to Blogger and hopefully they won't throw me off.

I think the reason Bloglines got mad is because I pirated photos from newspapers and bigger websites. I don't take photos from personal websites or if I do I find some other way to host them but I'm guessing someone somewhere complained and with no notice I got kicked off. It was a sucky service anyway - all blogroll items for instance pointed to their RSS feed of those blogs. So, kiss off, AskJeeves and your shitty search engine and recent acquisitions. All bow to Google and Blogger... SUckahs...


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Jim H said...

Oh yeah, plus here you can add comments and shit.


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