Thursday, April 28, 2005

I don't know what's more fucktarded...

the "real" punx sitting on their computers decrying the "punk prom" or the blithering 20-something idiot who organized it. So much fun, they're gonna have call Guiness Book of World Records... tar...:

Punk Rock Prom

Today, Parker, 25, plays guitar for a local rock band called the Silent Press. The group attracts a lot of teen fans who wear retro sweatbands and puffy ski vests and are more likely to be reading "Catcher in the Rye" than running student government - outsiders who'll likely feel as estranged at their proms as Parker did.

Wanting to give something back to his fans, Parker began organizing an anti-prom: a night where fun-seekers can wear what they want without worrying that the cheerleaders might rag on their dresses and where they don't have to dip into their college fund to afford a ticket.

He dubbed it the Punk-Rock Prom. It'll be held Saturday in the Moody Center at Hollins University.

The event's name almost immediately drew scorn from followers of, a Web site centered around the Roanoke punk-music scene. One posting implies that the promgoers are posers who'll have to borrow a Clash T-shirt to look punk. Another dubs the event the Emo-tastic Prom ("emo" refers to rock music with emotionally charged lyrics - not a compliment in hard-core punk circles).

It's true you don't need a blue mohawk or a pierced lip to attend. Parker encourages people of all ages, backgrounds and fashion tastes to come out for the event.

"People have done what they call Punk-Rock Proms before, but it's just a dance with punk-rock music," said Parker. "I wanted to expand that."

"It's more like the attitude of it all," explained Greg Szechenyi, the band's bassist.

Having a punk-rock attitude, according to Szechenyi, means having a lot of fun, a word he uses about every other minute when discussing the prom - as in, "I'm pretty sure people are going to have a ton of FUN."

So much FUN, Szechenyi said, he might have to call the Guinness World Records.

"Hello, Guinness," Szechenyi said, making the telephone gesture with his hand. "We're having the most FUN per square foot!"

Three bands will play at the prom: the Silent Press; Shapiro, a Harrisonburg-based piano-driven band that draws comparisons to Ben Folds Five; and the Greensboro-based rockers Farewell. Between sets, a DJ will play '80s music and other FUN dancing songs.

As of Monday, the prom was to be a no-booze affair.

What the prom will offer is lots of dancing. Hovering around the punch bowl because you're too scared to boogie will be strictly prohibited.

Parker and Szechenyi dance like swans on crack, but that won't stop them from shaking their groove thangs under the disco ball. Punk-rock Prom, after all, isn't about looking cool; it's about having FUN.

Szechenyi said most of his friends plan to dress formally for the prom, but he also expects to see campy '80s outfits from Goodwill and the ever-popular jeans and T-shirt combo.

"You can wear whatever you want," said Parker. "Obviously," he added, "you have to wear something."


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