Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Pithy, Shallow Review of Spoon's New Album. But no Snappy Banter.

Since no one seemed to get my Jack Handeyish "deeep thoughts" (didja think that maybe the title had something to do with the pretentiousness of the posting? Can one put one's tongue in cheek and not have to point out to everyone that one's tongue is in cheek?) review of Blue Orchird, I thought I'd keep it short and to the point this morning (short postings equals BLOG SUCCESS). So instead of Jack Handey as my model, I'll use as my role model, Mr. Alec Baldwin's character in Glenngarry Glennross or whatever that movie was called and get the pithy, shallow point.

Gimme Fiction CD
Merge Records, 2005

Finally, a band that makes me reach for my Shins CD. Download "I Summon You" and "They Never Got You" from download service and grab their free MP3 (the orphan dance tune "I Turn My Camera On") off the Merge Records site and you'll have the only songs on this record that really matter.

You can also stream the entire album at Merge Records to see if you agree or disagree with my pithy, shallow assessment.


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