Sunday, May 15, 2005

Selfish Cunt Scene Report

courtesy of Blind Pilot:

The singer frequently launches himself into the audience, grabbing members of the crowd and dragging and spinning them around with him as he snarls into their faces. For some reason there were a few football lads there last night and they didn’t appreciate his behaviour. At two different points two different blokes had to me restrained from attacking him, which just spurred him on and for a while he focussed his attention on one of these gentlemen in particular while mocking him in between songs. “Why are the football boys here” “its Saturday night, are you looking for some action boys?” “Do you want me to fuck you”. It was as much performance art as rock show and it was extremely exciting. They played a solid hour but they could’ve gone longer they had the crowd eating out of their hand right up until the vocalist emptied the rest of the bottle of brandy he was drinking over his near naked body, threw it on the florr and stormed off the stage pushing the speakers over screaming about Cherie Blair. It’s been a long time since I saw an act really shake up their audience like this. Highly highly recommended.
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