Monday, May 02, 2005

Tsunami Relief and Coral Reef Aid In One Click

In the wake of the December 2004 tsunami, 90% of all
small boats in the Andaman Islands off the coast of
southern Thailand were destroyed. The GreenLife Society
(GLS) lost their only boat. Without a boat, GLS is
unable to collect vital data on the state of their reefs
so that government, fisheries, resource managers, and
local communities can start making plans to rebuild
their lives. Diversion Dive Travel has pledged $5,000
to support the purchase of a boat for GLS to continue
their urgent conservation projects.

But we need your help...

In order to receive the $5,000 from Diversion Dive
Travel, we need YOU to click on a daily email during the
upcoming online "Donation Drive" fundraising event
hosted at
Each time you respond to one of these emails,
Diversion Dive Travel will donate 75 cents to the GreenLife
Society on your behalf. Once there have been 6,667
clicks, Diversion Dive Travel will donate the full $5,000
to the GreenLife Society to purchase the new boat.
Each day you can help raise money for this cause while
learning something new about how this money will make a
difference. All without spending a cent.

Step One
Subscribe to the "Andaman Islands Boat Recovery
Project" Donation Drive at
today! New users will receive an email from which to
choose their preferred email format (if you are unsure
of your email capabilities, choose "text-only
format"). Immediately following, users will receive a Welcome
email, and your subscription will begin when you click
the "Donate FREE" button in that email. If you have
any difficulties with registration, please contact

Step Two
You will receive a new email every weekday (Monday
through Friday), containing information about the Andaman
Islands, its coral reefs, and the impact the tsunami
has had on their community. Every day that you click
the "Donate FREE" button in your email, you bring us 75
cents closer to our goal.

Step Three
When the final (6,667th) click has been made, you will
be notified that the Donation Drive is complete. Your
email subscription ends, and we will receive the funds
from Diversion Dive Travel to buy the GLS a new boat.

So please sign up now, and tell your friends! Thank


The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is dedicated to
protecting the health of coral reefs by integrating
ecosystem management, sustainable tourism, and community
partnerships. CORAL works with communities to identify and
solve conservation challenges, changes attitudes and
behavior through education and training, provides
resources to strengthen conservation efforts, and creates
incentives for sustainable tourism.

EarthAIDE is an exciting new channel for online
activism that allows people to support nonprofit projects
without spending their own money or sacrificing their
privacy. EarthAIDE pledges to prevent spam and respect
user privacy without exception. EarthAIDE does not
share, sell, or lease its email list to anyone and its
site is secure. All functions are 100% permission-based
(i.e., opt-in only) and you can unsubscribe from the
event at any time, from any email. EarthAIDE is owned
and operated by AIDE, Inc.

The GreenLife Society was founded in 1991 to connect
local active people and organizations around the world
to work for a better world. It is a politically and
religiously uncommitted network, which strives to solve
problems in a comprehensive way. The GreenLife
Society's goals are to work on environmental and human
related issues to preserve the natural balance between
humans and nature. GLS work with local communities to help
manage and preserve their precious natural resources.

Diversion Dive Travel was established in 1994 and has
been the leading online travel specialist for diving
vacations in the Western Pacific region including
Australia, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia
and the Solomon Islands-some of the most pristine marine
environments on the planet. As a fully licensed
international travel agency, Diversion Dive Travel helps you
discover these wonders with daytrips, liveaboard
cruises, dive training courses, and all aspects of your
dive travel planning.

"Working Together to Keep Coral Reefs Alive"


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