Monday, July 11, 2005

Nitpicking Six Feet Under

Ruth Fisher
K.D. who?

or ... Calling All Dead 50-something Hippy Chicks

I didn't really buy the Ruth and her sister's friends singing "Calling All Angels" (iTunes link) spontaneously around the body of their dead friend on last night's Six Feet Under.

That was about as realistic as the Baltimore cops spontaneously singing a Pogues song (iTunes link) in the last season of The Wire.

The Jane Siberry / K D Lang song "Calling All Angels" is from 1993... now maybe Ruth's bohemian sister has this CD in her collectoin but stick-in-her-ass Ruth who doesn't know how to take a bong hit sings the song as if by heart.

Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to sing a Joan Baez song or maybe some Dylan?

"I Shall be Released" maybe - both Baez and Dylan did it but then again, that wouldn't have been too hip, for this show whose demo skews young.


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