Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lisa Carver In Alternet

As a person who interviewed Lisa when she was still a teenager and long before became an "international sensation", it's always nice to check in on her, although I would contend that our generation was never "hurt and lost"... her book, like her, is quite good.

From Zinester's paradise (interview by Laura Barcella)

You wrote very openly about real people in your life -- a lot of whom were famous, like GG Allin, Boyd Rice, Bill Callahan, Dame Darcy and Anton LaVey. How did those people react to your portrayals? Was it tough to figure out how much information might be too much?

The ones who were upset by it already didn't like me, and they feared the day I would write this book. The ones who liked it knew that this was the kind of thing I do: confessional memoir.

The best reaction was that Anton LaVey's grandson and his girlfriend attacked me [while on tour promoting my book]. Before I was going on, I already knew they were going to do it, because they'd said they would. I went into Mondo Video and people were asking for my autograph. I got so full of myself; I forgot to have people [stand guard] in front of me. I traipsed out of Mondo Video and walked right into their trap. They jumped me.


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