Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Calliope of Links

Is anyone reading this poor blog? Speak up...

HELP!!!Devendra Banhart is in my dreams!

DAS KLIP: I had a dream in which Devendra Banhart (the weird singer/songwriter) is pleading with a suicide bomber (who is about to go blow up something or somebody) to change his mind. And once he changes the deranged zealot's point of view, he (Devendra) immediately sympathizes with the frustration (mostly aimed at George W. Bush) that could make someone long for such exaggerated revenge...
Man, I'm looking forward to the new Man Man, man.

Not all the songs are that serious. In fact, the brief, frenzied "Young Einstein on the Beach", with its "Get it / Get it / Get it / Got it" chant, is about nothing more earth-shaking than... Furbies?! "So, it's Christmas time, the mothers are at the toy stores, rushing to get the Cabbage Patch dolls, rushing to get the Furbies, rushing to get the hot toy for their sons or daughters," explained Powell. "And then on the other side, you've got the hunters who have got to get these middle age mammas. So at the tail end, you've got that duh-duh-duh-duh. Those are hunters out collecting mammas. They're out popping arrows in these mommies who are buying the hot toys. So it could be young Einstein on the beach thinking about all these heavy thoughts."

Dead Heart Bloom's Beatles meets Flaming Lips music get the NPR treatment. Figures.

Fuck Mission of Burma. Radio Birdmen have a new 'un comin - first original material since, um, 1978.

From the Dear God Do Ya Think So? Dept., Mick Jagger blathers on after being censored during his Stupor Bowl "performance".... I would have just preferred ABC turning their sound off and kicking up some White Stripes but that's probably just me:
Before the show, Jagger said: “I think the Stones have moved closer to American mainstream culture and I think America has changed since we first came here. Hopefully, both of us still have our core values intact.”
Tricia Romano hands the indie rock world to us on a platter, head severed and laced with acid:

As for the presenters, well, you probably wouldn't have recognized any of them, either. It didn't help that the host, comedian Aziz Ansari, didn't enunciate their names well. They nearly all sported the look favored by college professors and indie rockers—beards, messy hair, corduroy jackets with velvet elbow patches, and black horn-rimmed eyeglasses. Each time a presenter came up, the photographers in the pit sounded like a bunch of owls. "Who? Whoooo? Who?" When the dude with the big hair from TV on the Radio (Kyp Malone) arrived onstage, I nearly fainted because finally I recognized someone! (The Voice's own Nick Sylvester was a presenter, but I was only able to spot him because he wore a red hat.) The bigger artists being honored, like those two guys you indie types consider heartthrobs,

Conor Oberst (a/k/a Bright Eyes) and Sufjan Stevens (otherwise known as Pasty McDreamy and Less-Pasty McDreamy), unfortunately weren't on hand.
80's Alternative meets Classic Rock. Guess who is touring with the Sadies ("Who? Whoooo? Who?") in Canada?
The band were recording a live album, with Steve Albini at the helm, so they had to be at their best. But on stage is where Dallas and Travis Good, Sean Dean and Mike Belitsky have always shone the brightest, and that was certainly the case on Saturday night.

The performance began with a run-through of Sadies favourites, including "Rat Creek," "16 Mile Creek" and "Lay Down Your Arms," with Blue Rodeo's Bob Egan adding some tasteful steel guitar. It became a family affair when Bruce, Brian, Larry (The Good Brothers) and Margaret Good joined the siblings for a stirring rendition of the gospel classic "Higher Power" that had fans singing along joyously. The older generation was further represented when The Band's Garth Hudson took side stage to play piano and accordion.

There's a Farmer in the Dell. His name is Steve Jobs and he's got a big weed whacker called Ipod. story

MILESTONE: Creative Commons dot Org has passed the 200,000 mark in terms of numbers of MP3s indexed.


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