Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Message from Tin Huey

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Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:53:41 EDT
Subject: Tin Huey. Gold/Carney/Butler et al

You may recall, from our last e-mail, a benefit, organized by
Huey "Bongo" Bob Ethington, was to be held on April 8 and 9 to assist Tin Huey members Mark Price and Michael Aylward, as they've had some recent health issues with some serious financial impact.

The Nicked Up Hueys Rock-a-thon Benefit Weekend, it was a smashing success on all levels, selling out both nights a couple of weeks in advance, and hosting some fabulous performances. We've posted a report with pictures on the Huey's website:


Thanks to all who attended, to those of you who couldn't make it but sent contributions to the cause, and to all the wonderful musicians who played WONDERFULLY! Why Akron? What's so special about Akron? Plenty of fun answers to that have been given over the years, but what we saw here was solid evidence that SOMETHING IS STRANGE AND GLISTENING HERE IN AKRON, and it continues with the new bands coming up. A strangely excellent phenomenon! Also, apologies to those who couldn't get tickets. We wish everyone could have been there. We missed you.

It was recorded multitrack by the house, so we'll see how the tapes turn out. Rumblings of a new
"From Akron" compilation CD from the gig, produced by the legendary Clone Records mogul, Nick Nicholis have been overheard in certain dark places.

A shout out to the multiple videographers as well:
Huey Aylward (yeah THAT Huey), Susan Aylward (yeah THAT Aylward), and the enigmatic Jimi Imij. Anyone else that picked up a DV Cam and burned some tape, please let us know as Huey plans to edit it all together in one giant underexposed red blob of grand historic impact! If the above mentioned audio effort pans out, this might end up being a real Monterey Pop, y'know?

In the meantime, we're closing in on
"Before Obscurity: The Bushflow Tapes" our forthcoming archival release, and are beginning to huff and puff about finishing "New Stuff: Obscurity Deluxe." The problem with that one is sifting through all the new live recordings that have been done of Tin Huey in the last months, giving us a ton of stuff to evaluate and perhaps wreck before settling (if that's possible) on the tracks for the new CD. We'll probably have to just stop, close our eyes, throw darts at the board, burn what we hit, accept the bad reviews and move on.

To that end, as we speak,
Mark Price, back in the Bay area, is about to commence a remix of our TV Show, "The Crooked River Groove" Some audio from that taping may appear on the new CD in some form, but the bottom line is to make the show itself available to our fans in some form or other. We're working on it ... by scratching our heads and wondering if there's any of that leftover meatloaf in the fridge.

Finally, lifting our heads above the waters of mixing and mastering, we're looking towards gigs of some nature in early July and August. When, where, and how many, depend on health, welfare, and the whim of club owners, promoters, and um ... us.

And... oh yeah... just heard a new self produced promo EP from
Ralph's cool combo, Carneyball Johnson: Extended Play from 12 Galaxies. If you want to learn more about hearing it or acquiring one, contact Ralph directly at ralph@akroncracker.com

Once again, on behalf of Mark, Michael, and all of us who were privileged to participate, the most profound thanks.

Please stay tuned and as always ... tip your Waitresses. Cheers.

*And, as always, if you want out of this mailing list, just hit 'reply' and say something. Preferably something really cool and mildly insulting. No excuses like "My mailbox has soooo much, blah, blah, blah." Hey, if we're Spam to you, well ... tell us to get the hell out of your life and we'll do it. Danke


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