Sunday, April 24, 2005

Spotlight: Drag City Records

They're a little bit old but worth the effort to clip...

Bill Callahan's 12th full-length album as Smog, "A River Ain't Too Much To Love," will arrive May 31 via Drag City. The 10-track set was recorded at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studios in Austin, Texas, and features Connie Lovatt on bass and Jim White on drums; Callahan also produced. Labelmate Joanna Newsom plays piano on "Rock Bottom Riser."

"I realized I had a bunch of songs about rivers and some sort of imagery, and once I got a few of them it started to fit into everything I had half-finished" Callahan tells
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His Lordship needeth not yon feature, but whatevs
Nolan Gawron

Will Oldham already had a royal air about him when his recording career began in 1993. His early work in Palace, Palace Brothers and Palace Music was key to the formation of the Drag City dynasty. By the time he started recording under his own name, his seat on the indie rock throne was secure. When he dubbed himself Bonnie “Prince” Billy in 1998, it just seemed right.

Oldham lets his music speak for itself, exclusively. After obtaining an interview back in 2002, I realized quickly that most of my questions would be met with curt dismissal, personal reservations and an overall detachment between him and his songs. Though he remained cordial, there were no answers.

Me: This record [Master and Everyone] is filled with distance, loneliness and lost love ...

BPB: I don't know what it's about; but if you do, that's great.
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PajoFresh off a triumphant reunion tour with Slint, David Pajo will release a new solo album under the moniker Pajo on July 5 via Drag City. According to the label, the 10-track set was recorded with a software program that came with Pajo's laptop, into which he sang the vocals directly. It also features appearances by three unnamed contributors who Pajo has yet to meet in person.

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