Saturday, April 16, 2005

Rampant Hoggish Materialism (cont)

JBL Creature Closeup
Meet the latest member of my sad family, the JBL Creature which is set up in my "living room" (that means a place where I "entertain" -- myself, often...). $99 from MacMall. At that price, I may add one to my bedroom. My den is where the "real" stereo and turntable reside.

iPod or laptop or CD player plugs directly into it.

Decent sound especially on the high end although it doesn't rattle the windows and I can't be the neighborhood DJ with it... and you are subject to the vagaries of the the quality of MP3s but just fine for space and ethedick considerations.

JBL Creature
There's two tiny speakers and the subwoofer.


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