Monday, May 16, 2005

Anyone for a "Born in the USA" vs. "Jukebox Babe" mashup

From Joe Heim's "The Boss Establishes Order" (Washington Post):

Before playing another life-affirming song, "Leah," Springsteen talked about choices people need to make in a world where temptation and lures are set in front of them like "giant mousetraps." "You've gotta have faith," he advised, "and come down on the right side of the equation." It was a point reinforced by the concert's beautiful conclusion, "Dream Baby Dream," a reworked song of the same name by the obscure synth band Suicide. "I wanna see you smile / I just wanna see you smile," Springsteen sang, repeating the line over and over until it felt like some sort of spiritual incantation. Faced with the choices, he comes down on the right side, offering himself, and his fans, reasons to believe.
Clean your 12"ers of "Dream" and send in an advert to Backstreets. Payday has come in.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger Jim H said...

Even better mash-up:

"Harlem" vs. "Philadelphia"


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