Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Revealed - Charles Nelson Reilly's New Band

A couple of weeks ago, Gerry Cosloy, record label executive and all around decent guy, couldn't hold back on laying down a scathing scene report on his own personal SXSW experience. Mr. Cosloy stated:

... a combo that sounds like nothing so much as latter period Soul Asylum fronted by Charles Nelson Reilly. To steal a line from Take It’s Michael Koenig, their stage presence would’ve crowded the rest room. Except they were playing in a tent, with no toilet.

Although I'm being bad and taking it out of the original context - namely his ire wasn't so much directed at the poor band but the unnamed person or persons who recommended said wreck of a band - we always like it when Gerard slips out of jocksniffer mode into snarky rock writer mode bringing back wonderful memories of finding the latest issue of Conflict (RIP) in the PO Box.

Village Voice thinks they know the object of his slam and well, we can't hold back anymore - Hold Steady


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