Thursday, June 02, 2005

Man, the Eagles Suck

I'm on the road so just a quick note (Verizon broadband wireless is kinda sucking where I'm at so everything takes minutes to load) - but I'm channel surfing tonight and I come across this Eagles concert - their Farewell I Tour. Then I read they're charing $175 for this shit. Man, the drummer looks like he's going to float away like a blimp, Joe Walsh is a good slide guitarist but man it's excrucitating to watch and Glenn Frey is just a money grubbing asshole. Their songs sound just like they were playing live off the record, they have these cheesy sound effects and about 20,000 sidemen on stage.

by thee way, the road from San Francisco airport to South San Francisco is kept clean by Robin Williams... at least that's what the sign says. I imagine him paying out of work stand-up comics to clean it up.

I also paid a visit to Aquarius records, the Embarcaro (man, it's nice to be in a real city for a change) and walked around all the new stuff (light rail everywhere) downtown.


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