Sunday, July 03, 2005

Blogger owner banking on Podcasting

Inside Odeo with Evan Williams

by Richard Koman

When something gets as much big-time press as podcasting (to the point where Apple supports podcasts in the latest version of iTunes, released earlier this week; Apple, by the way, has no plans to charge for podcasts), either the hype machine is way out of control, or there really is something interesting going on. For Evan "Evhead" Williams, the creator of, podcasting is an exciting next step in the grassroots authoring movement he helped start. More than that, Williams is banking that podcasting is a really big next big thing.

He hooked up with Noah Glass--creator of the Audioblogger service that lets you create MP3s via phone--to start his new company, Odeo. The goal of Odeo is to make podcasting "easy enough for your mom." Odeo will allow users to find, listen, sync, and create podcasts via a good UI and super-easy tools.

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