Friday, July 15, 2005

Just like recording off the radio again

I'm sure this will be declared illegal soon enough but here it is:


Roselle Park, NJ. July 15, 2005 -- The fallout of the recent RIAA lawsuits and shut down of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, download music fans turn to a more legal way of downloading new music tunes. Using new streaming recorder software called Radio2MP3. Have you used your cassette recorder to record a favorite song off of the radio? Or a VCR to record a show you regularly watch? Now you can do the same thing with streaming Internet radio on your home computer!

Radio2MP3 records internet radio stations, burns music files to a CD, converts media to different format and splits songs into individual MP3s. The software also tags each file with the artist, title, genre and album.

I'm taking a wild guess that it won't be able to do the tagging of each file automatically unless the radio stations participate in some sort of standard meta-tagging scheme. I'm guessing right off the bat the WFMU won't work and we're talking Smooth Jazz and All-Britney, All Mariah, All-Crap radio.


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