Thursday, July 14, 2005

Korean "cultureless black hole" indie music scene

Shannon Smith writes about her experience finding music and some good bands in Korea's Pittsburgh, Daegu:

Upon arrival in Daegu, I asked new Korean friends and acquaintences where I might go to see an independent movie, a concert, an art gallery? "In Seoul", they'd reply. Surely there had to be something like this to do in Daegu as well? But my friends would just laugh as if I was making a joke. It seemed like Daegu was, indeed, a city with all the benefits of cosmopolitan life -- except for a supported arts scene.

But then one day I wandered into a small record store near one of the city's universities and asked the owner if he knew any place I might go to see a live concert. He leapt from his chair without explanation, took me by the arm, and led me out to the street. Leaving the store unattended, he politely tugged me a few doors down to a sign that said "Club Heavy" and some dark stairs leading to a basement lair. Fixed to the door outside the club was a magic markered list of dates and Korean writing that I assumed to be band names. "Today, concert, seven. Tomorrow concert, seven", he said. I thanked him profusely and tucked the location into my memory for another day.

Smith covers the Daegu scene on a regular basis at jak comety...


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