Sunday, July 24, 2005

talking about my re-degeneration

Claude Willan has his Andrew McCarthey's St. Elmo's Fire moment with a front page (opinion section) Sunday op-ed piece on Borf, the graffiti artist arrested last week, and what "it all means" for his generation which is either a generation about nothing or culture jammers. Frankly, I have no idea what the fuck his point is but since we like how Borf angered so many cranky old urban professionals in this town we're gonna provide the link.

We're All Borf in the End

What's funny is that this hailing of "American youth" displays a paradoxical lack of awareness of our generation even as it tries to pin us down. There's no such thing as "American youth" -- or British youth, come to that, these days. That's exactly what we're not -- a body, a set.
And this lame summation:

Saying that his goal was to "show the public how to fight a dishonest media" one Blissett claimed: "We are a collective ghost -- a myth which finds reality in those who take part." Frankly, this makes me run for cover -- it's glib, and its heady intellectual detachment is about the least appealing mask a movement can wear. I far prefer the end of the Adbusters manifesto: "At the simplest level we are a growing band of people who have given up on the American Dream." Until we can find our own vision to aspire to, maybe Borf and Andre the Giant are all we have.
Can we all give out a collective "wah!" to the 20-somethings who have "given up on the American Dream" and ask them what took so long?


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