Thursday, August 11, 2005

Barlow: "I need the money"... and love

Lou is interviewed on the "Dino" reunion:

Reunion tours are the tour du jour nowadays. The Pixies, Gang of Four, The Eagles (sorry to throw that in there). How do you feel about the whole reunion thing?

S’allrite with me.... It depends on the band. I’m not one to dismiss the whole concept—that’s for critics and cynics. In our case, it’s very easy to recreate the sound that characterized our early years. Not many people saw us back then and are willing to pay to see [us now], so why not? I need the money and I love the music. I saw excellent reunions by Iggy and the Stooges, Gang of Four and Mission of Burma. It doesn’t have to be pathetic.

What plans for the future of Dino? Where do you go now?

We tour till the end of August, then we’ll probably consider more touring. I dunno… there is no master plan for a new album. Perhaps we’ll talk about it; perhaps we won’t. We never were particularly ambitious and aren’t keen to complicate what for now feels very natural and simple. New albums bring new problems and, almost always, condescending reviews and lukewarm response.


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