Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Things to Drool Over


FLOTATION TOY WARNING: Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck CD (MSR 036CD) 13.00
"With one foot in the eyebrow-raising pop experiments of Van Dyke Parks, Scott Walker, and The United States of America, and the other foot planted firmly alongside such modern-day avant-pop practitioners as the Unicorns, Flaming Lips, or Tindersticks, Flotation Toy Warning blend found sounds, electronics, homemade and traditional instruments and lush production. Their dreamlike pop soundscapes are simultaneously classic and undeniably modern. Wonderfully warped and deranged, Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck is the rare masterwork that sounds equally skewed through a set of headphones or blasting at top volume.


F-WORD!: Like It Or Not (Live!) CD (GET 117CD) 16.00
"F-WORD were the first L.A. punk band to release an album. Their 1978 debut was also their only record, since they disbanded when Dutch Schultz/Will Shatter (bass) and Steve EffeteDePace (drums) formed Flipper. Singer Rik L. Rik went on to SoCal punk rock notoriety. Trademark Posh Boy sound for these pioneers of Californian fast pop punk.


STOOGES, THE: Heavy Liquid 6CD (EAR 003CD) 60.00
Very impressive 6CD box, of what is band-sanctioned product. Demos, rehearsals, live tapes, etc. 13 versions of "I've Got a Rigt" on disc 1 alone! For those days when you can't listen to the 7-disc Rhino Handmade version of Funhouse, you'll pull this one out for variety. "Un-published photos from Mick Rock (1972), Lee Black Childers (1973) and Robert Matheu (1973). Contains totally unreleased material from original master tapes. Extensive liner notes with interviews with Iggy, Ron and Scott Asheton. Includes Iggy photo book." Disc One: The Olympic Studio Tapes London 1972; Disc Two: Morgan Sound Studios Ypsilanti Michigan 1973. Unreleased rehearsal taken from recently discovered 1/4" tape; Disc Three: Los Angeles and Detroit Rehearsals Spring 1973; Disc Four: The Return To New York July 1973. CBS Studios New York, rehearsals for the upcoming shows at Max's Kansas City. Live at Max's Kansas City 30th July 1973 with Scott Thurston on piano. Whiskey A Go Go 17th September 1973 (first set), totally unreleased tape; Disc Six: 1974, Bimbos 365, club San Francisco January 11th or 12th.


MC5: Purity Accuracy 6CD (EAR 002CD) 60.00
"The first ever 'band authorised' project since 1971. Contains unreleased material. Includes new version of the band performing classic songs with Lemmy from Motorhead, Nicke from the Hellacopters and Dave Vanian from the Damned on vocals. Liner notes by Nina Antonia feature current interviews with all of the surviving members of the band, plus an interview with manager John Sinclair. Contains scarce recordings from the fledgling band in 1965 to blistering live performances in 1970 and recordings as recent as last year." Disc One: Rehearsals; Disc Two: 1965-68; Disc Three: Live at the Saginaw Civic Center 1st Jan. 1970; Disc Four: Live at the Grande Ballroom 1968; Disc Five: Live at the Sturgis Armory, Michigan 27th June 1968; Disc Six: 13th March 2003 London 100 Club.


YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS: Live at the Hurrah CD (CDMRED 259) 16.00
Originally issued by Cherry Red Records in 2004. "First-ever full live album release to feature the Young Marble Giants, Live At The Hurrah. YMG formed in 1979 and were a three-piece from Cardiff, Wales consisting of Stuart Moxham (guitars, keyboards), his brother Phil (bass), and Alison Statton (voice). Their recording career lasted only two years but they garnered a loyal and devoted fan base that still exists to this day. They recorded one classic album, Colossal Youth, for Rough Trade Records and performed two short tours of Europe and the U.S. in 1980. On their return from the U.S., tensions in the band led to their split. Live At The Hurrah captures the band in full flight at New York's Hurrah Club during that legendary 1980 U.S. tour, making this a unique release for all YMG fans."


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