Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Albini interviewed by Doug Wolk in new MP3 catalog

Steve looks for his 50 free MP3s
Emusic now has a magazine. It features all the yucky rock critics we've been ignoring for years such as J.D. Considslime, Michael "Oh, woe is me and my heroin habit" McGonigal and Richard Gehr (the latter two are also "mp3 bloggers" of sorts). Michael Azzerrad, Nirvana fan, is also the editor.

Emusic also sells MP3s on the side. Unknown whether the first 50 magazines are free and then your credit card gets charged every month for it... here's a clip from their interview with Steve-o wherein he denigrates the very product the "e-magazine" is intending to sell:

"I think MP3s are a tremendous convenience for people who don't listen to music seriously — for people who just want to have music as background music, or for while they're on the Stairmaster or whatever. When I listen to something, I generally want to listen to it in a way that reflects as much as possible what it's supposed to sound like. But if I'm sitting in the office, I might have something playing on the computer speakers. I'm not listening to music seriously in that case — it's like the radio in the kitchen while I'm making breakfast."

Finally, we asked Albini what he's been listening to lately:

"I like that new Pelican record. We did some shows with a band called Call Me Lightning, from Milwaukee, and I thought they were a really good, high-energy rock band. I always like Shannon Wright. I think she's an absolute jewel, and an incredible guitar player. And Michael Dahlquist, the drummer from Silkworm, was killed recently, and I went on a binge of listening to all their old records. Those records were amazing — he was amazing."


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