Sunday, September 25, 2005

Neat New Stuff From Forced Exposure

A massive update from Avante-Land - here are some of the standouts from my perspective - more can be viewed at:


LUNCH, LYDIA: Willing Victim DVD (ALP 4436DVD) 15.00
"No other artist of the 20th century has fought, forged, punched, and sculpted her own artistic vision in such a uniquely original way. Defying categorization, Lydia Lunch actively has conquered new territories, and has gained international recognition for the innovative quality of her work. She returns on this DVD with her band -- an all-star five piece that includes members of Wilco, Swans, Godflesh, Foetus and Unsane. Together they produce an ambient mood piece that over five movements devolves into a chaotic free jazz apocalypse Willing Victim is a document of a 2003 concert in Graz, Austria, in which the audience plays the whipping boy to Lunch's scathing catharsis, including reworked renditions of Lunch favorites stretching back to the Teenage Jesus years."


Alexander Tucker is a new signing to ATP Recordings and his new full-length album Old Fog illustrates his use of field recordings and tape loops. Tucker began as vocalist in post-rock hardcore five piece Unhome. In late 1999, Tucker went on to tour with Detroit space rockers Fuxa, developing a shambolic approach to acoustic and free-noise electric guitar while beginning to play solo shows using tape loops, detuned guitar, Dictaphones and field recordings processed through FX pedals. In early 2000 Tucker recorded a solo album of acoustic finger-plucking, spooked vocals and psych-electronics, which was picked up by Tom Greenwood of Jackie-O-Motherfucker and released under his U-sound archives label. Old Fog is a delicate and beautiful record that feels like a soundtrack to a winter evening, evoking an eerie feeling that haunts listeners to seek more. His commanding performance as a musician has led to invitations to play guest guitar slots with the likes of Jackie-O Motherfucker, Sunn0))) and Bardo Pond. His solo live shows are also a powerful document -- Tucker shows that playing alone with a 4-track can sometimes be more effective than many live bands offer


TIMEOUT DRAWER, THE: The Exorcist 7" (CRL 013EP) 4.00
"'The Exorcist' is The Timeout Drawer's rendition of Mike Oldfield's theme from his classic record, Tubular Bells. Through a hissing snakepit of subtle guitar noise, the band's signature Moog filters in the melody that's haunted you since childhood. Before you can reach your defenses, you're assaulted by a wall of sound. Oldfield never imagined this section of his music could be interpreted so brutally."

Artist: VA
Title: American Primitive Vol.1: Raw Pre-War Gospel (1926-36)
Format: CD
Price: $14.00
Catalog #: RVN 206CD
Repressed. Subtitled Pre-War Gospel (1926-36). "26 High intensity/low varnish killers by: Charley Patton, Rev. I.B. Ware, Booker White, William & Versey Smith, Blind Willie Davis, Frank Palmes, Bo Weavil Jackson, Elder Otis Jones, Rev. Edward Clayborn, Blind Roosevelt Graves, Austin Coleman, Blind Joe Taggart, Eddie Head and Family, Dennis Crumpton and Robert Summers, Luther Magby, Jaybird Coleman, A.C. Forehand and Blind Mamie Forehand. The definitive WORD in sacred street music, culled and remastered from the collections of Gayle Dean Wardlow and John Fahey."

Title: Dig Yourself
Format: CD
Price: $14.00
Catalog #: SILT 101CD
"What you have here is a collection of songs found on the various shrine cassettes. They've all been lovingly fucked with by Mr. Mike Rep, (the man behind the lo-fi genius of Guided By Voices' 'Propeller' and 'Get Out Of My Stations' among other things) and as the old saying goes 'the proof is in the pudding.' TNV successfully skirt the current homogenization of the rock press pigeonhole. Neither are they new-weird-America, nor are they newnoise-underground. I suspect Times New Viking are at the forefront of a new, yet-to-be defined movement."

Title: The Way Things Work
Format: CD
Price: $12.00
Catalog #: SV 056CD
"The Unknown Instructors are Joe Baiza (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of) on guitar, George Hurley and Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE) on drums and bass, and Dan McGuire on vocals. Keeping it all in the family, Saccharine Trust front man Jack Brewer also makes a rousing appearance. The Way Things Work, their Smog Veil debut, features 15 tracks of improvisational poetry rock rooted in the space-is-the-place gospel according to Sun Ra, but its branches extend far enough to brush up against the edges of MC5-styled free-rock, Hendrix-esque melodic unraveling and set pieces that merge the lit-noir duskiness of Jim Thompson with the from-the-gutter reportage of Charles Baudelaire. A sense of bleakness and beauty entwined permeates McGuire's tales of drunkenness and cruelty, his travelogues from the darkest corners of the psyche -- all of which are buttressed by a passel of head-swiveling musical ideas."


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