Friday, September 30, 2005

Kim Gordon on Perfect Partner

This is from the article by David Peschek in the UK Guardian - Perfect Partner is the film Gordon is making with Michael Pitt (and others) and how it will be performed live with improv music at each showing -- read the rest here:

The result was Perfect Partner, which, Gordon says, is in some ways a modern version of Voltaire's antihero, Candide, in a "faux-Godardian" road movie. Pitt plays a man who "becomes obsessed with these ads, the ad-copy. It's like he believes them and there's something in the past that makes him feel compelled - he doesn't know why - to break out of his nine-to-five existence and head for a place that's a conglomerate of those ads: the beach, basically, the sunset."

The film is a collaboration with an old friend, New York-based video artist Tony Oursler, and film-maker Phil Morrison, who had directed videos for Sonic Youth. "If you're doing a collaboration with people, you can't be overly precious about what it's going to be like," says Gordon. "It's one thing to say: 'Dude, here's a grant. Collaborate!' It's another to work out the logistics of it. At first it was like [Broadway fanfare], 'A musical!' Then I realised the thing had to travel, you have this great fantasy, but how many headaches am I giving myself?" She laughs. "I think it'll be ... entertaining. In some way."

The soundtrack will be "pretty much all improvised - it'll be different every night. I mean, we'll have some kind of a strategy. I like the idea of images being provided for improv music. Yeah, it is kind of scary. Hopefully, it'll work." She pauses. "No, I mean, I'm sure it'll work. I'm excited about it as a big experiment."

Her initial interest in performing was motivated partly by artistic curiosity, partly by a desire to rock. "I was really into Warhol and pop art, and I thought the next step was to actually be working within popular culture." Recent Sonic Youth albums have seen her move from playing bass to lead guitar, an experience she sums up with the words: "I guess I played some tasty licks."


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