Saturday, October 15, 2005

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CALVIN JOHNSON Before the Dream Faded... cd $12.00

789856117024. Ten new songs from Calvin Johnson, compiled on his second album as a solo artist. Calvin's first album, What Was Me (KLP117) is a Spartan kalang of guitar and voice; Before the Dream FadedŠ is a collection of collaborations, with a slate of guest producers including Khaela Marricich (the Blow), Mirah yom tov Zeitlyn, Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy) and Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) livening things up the with their ideas about arrangements and textures. Other guest players, including Adam Forkner (Yume Bitsu, VERSION), Jona Bechtolt (Y.A.C.H.T.), Warren Lee and Devin Welch (Chromatics, Shoplifting) add a psychic twist, dramatizing all that is unholy in the Olympia underground schematic. This album was recorded at the Dub Narcotic studio in Olympia, Wash., except "I am without", recorded by Johnny Jewel at his D/E/A/T/H D/I/S/C/O studio in Portland, Ore., and "Delverance", recorded by Phil Elverum, Nowhere, Anacortes, Wash. Calvin Johnson is the founder of K and operates the Dub Narcotic Studio, where he has recorded such stalwarts as Mirah, Tender Forever, Yume Bitsu, the Gossip, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Old Time Relijun and Fitz of Depression. He has released numerous records with the bands Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System and the Halo Benders, and toured across the United States scads of times, and will continue to do so after Before the Dream FadedŠ is released.

GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP Blood : The Natural Lubricant cd $9.75
Captains Of Industry (UK) GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP

5060074030247. 6-track CD mini-album, limited to 1000 copies. For fans of: Converge, Instruction, The Locust, Blood Brothers. This release features a number of guest vocalists including members of The Copperpot Journals, Instruction, Hundred Reasons & Codeine. This is the world’s first ‘homocore’ release – an all-male punk/hardcore band singing explicity pro-homosexual anthems! Gay For Johnny Depp feature members of popular US bands Instruction, Garrison and Errortype:11. Band to tour the UK in October 2005 to coincide with this release. Cover art is done by legendry punk photographer Bert Quierioz and features an image of a teenage Ian Svenonius (Nations Of Ulysses, Make-Up etc). Press: Their 2004 release ‘Erotically Charged Dance Songs For The Desperate’ (2004) received great reviews in Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, Terrorizer DrownedInSound, Punktastic expect the same here. The label has been promised a feature on the album by The Sun and is also targeting the British tabloids (who may deem the songs controversial) and the gay press. Emma Johnston has guaranted the release airplay on Steve Lamacq show (Radio 1), on which she guest. We’re also targeting Zane Lowe, The Lock-Uop, Radio 1 Rock Show, Total Rock etc. Reviews to run or already ran in Kerrang (3k), Rocksound, NME, Terrorizer, Spill, Bizarre, Playlouder, CMU. The Fly and loads of Fanzines. More still TBC. Marketing: Rock Sound CD cover mount. Terrorizer cover mount cd in Oct. A number of humerous marketing ploys including fake prostitute’s calling cards, spoof gay chat-lines, a fictional ‘back story’ press release from an avid Johnny Depp fann. We also hope to receive words of encouragement from Johnny Depp himself! “One of the best punk outbursts of the year….” – KKKKK / Kerrang! “ A brilliant mess - imagine a precision mathcore act without the precision..” – Metal Hammer.

SKYGREEN LEOPARDS, THE Jehovah Surrender cd ep $8.00

656605209227. The Skygreen Leopards present Jehovah Surrender, a six song EP that documents the changing of seasons in a world of whippoorwill moans. Electric guitar howl like a farmers hound, fuzz bass stampedes, and drums trot and gallop like the finest of wild horses. Donovan & Glenn write: "Not long ago the band was visiting a friend in Port Costa, California. After sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the moonlight dances of his two daughters-the friend wanted to share a secret. He pulled an oversized key out of his overalls pocket and lead them out back to his shed. In the shed was an ancient drumset and a cobwebby electric guitar. The man said he knew Arlo Guthrie and that he was once in a band called Hobo Splendor.Well that's all it took for the Skygreen's to lose their hearts and heads to a new muse.We played All the Young Dudes and Hobo Jesus Blues all night long and the daughters danced ballroom. This e.p. is inspired by the man from Hobo Splendor-get better my friend!"


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