Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jack White: He's Totally Diesel

VV Blogger: Status Ain't Hood (whatever) played tall Conan in a White Stripes - Michael Gondry video, gave cigarettes to Meg, observed Conan's age lines and says Jack White is "dorky" and paints on his 'stache - writes about it here:
Jack White: I was vaguely hoping that he'd be as weird and introverted as he seems, but no, he's pretty normal and sort of dorky. He was always excited, always running around the set and asking Gondry questions and eagerly watching the playbacks of the takes. I didn't hear him talk about old blues records or furniture or the evils of technology once. His wife, the model Karen Elson, was there, and she kept asking me if I wanted to sit down whenever she saw me clomping around in those bigass shoes. Near the end of the shoot, my brother ran up on her and blurted out: "Yo, are you Jack White's wife?" She walked away without saying anything, and Jim was pissed about it for the rest of the night. Jack's pencil-thin Vincent Price mustache is either mostly or entirely painted on, so he doesn't look all that freaky when he doesn't have makeup on (though he did end up looking like a Scandinavian metal dude in the cell-phone pictures that my brother took with him). He's also totally diesel; it's not so surprising that he was able to beat down that dude from the Von Bondies so hard.


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