Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Neil 4Ever

No, not THOSE Eternals

IGN reports on Neil Gaiman's new project:
In 2006 Gaiman will tackle Kirby's Eternals, bringing the tale of these immortals to a new audience.

"Neil is just fascinated with the idea of immortals," said Eternals editor Nick Lowe. "What does it mean to be thousands of years old? What kind of life is that? It is going to be some heavy stuff. When Joe Quesada and Neil finally decided on the Eternals, Neil immersed himself in Jack's story. Jack came up with some really amazing and imaginative stuff. When you see what Neil is bringing to the table and how it works with what Jack laid out, you will lose your socks."
Y'know, I haven't read a superhero book for about 15 years (was it Animal Man by Grant Morrison?) but this sounds cool. And what's Nick Lowe doing editing comics???


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