Monday, October 10, 2005

New Lips Record to Address Current Events

Wayne Coyne explains the background of At War With the Mystics:

"I don't think you could be making any art in the atmosphere that we're in now — with the war and the different ways people feel about the Bush administration and all that — without having some things that sort of, not address that specifically, but address this whole idea of what you do with power," Coyne said. "When is the time to have mercy? And when is the time to be aggressive? I think we have some things on the record that I hope will stand the test of time long after this war is over and all these young guys have come home."



At 12:15 AM, Blogger Seb said...

Okay, I realize it`s a bit late to be reacting to this, but is that photo of Wayne Coyne looking uncannily like a salt-n-peppered Eddie Veddar, or is that just one of the smoothest Photoshop mash-ups I`ve ever seen? Either way, I did a double-take and it spooked the shite out of me.


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