Sunday, October 09, 2005

*sigh* A Confusing Correctione is Once Again In Order

If you're coming here from Dawn Eden's online column, she kinda screwed up again whilst correcting her foul-up from the previous week. She's a nice lady and all from my limited correspondence with her so I hope she doesn't take this personally about her sloppiness (and I'm not one to really talk but hey I'm a blogger and I do this for free).... zo ennyvay...

The so-called Vinyl Journey blog is at It's called Vinyl Mine. That's the confusing part. Sorry about that but after I reserved the "vinyl journey" address, I had regrets and thought that Vinyl Journey would be too lame a title for my blog so I changed it. I later went and got the address and decided to just use it as my personal, no holds barred blog - just-for-kicks, say-anything-i-wanna blog, pretend-hipster blog whereas the Vinyl Mine proper (i.e. is principally about music and such. Vinyl Mine (proper) has infinitely more readers than this little thing. But welcome anyway.

Its confusing but just remember, you can toggle back and forth between the two via the very handy links at the top of this page and near the top of the Vinyl Journey page (in the blogroll).

So there's no further confusion - here's my mission statement for this blog:

This is the Vinyl Mine Clip Shack where I basically do everything but Mp3 blogging.... in other words, my personal, no holds barred - just-for-kicks, say-anything-i-wanna, pretend-hipster, bad bandwidth ettiquitte blog...

photo by shadowplay


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