Sunday, October 02, 2005

Some New Stuff

This list compiled from Bomp!, Forced Exposure and Aquarius:

sonic sledgehammer from the tag team of the new
millenium, Jello Biafra & The Melvins. Some new
songs, some covers & some favorites from the 1st
"Jelvins" album re-mixed by Al Jourgensen
(Ministry), Dalek, & The Deaf Nephews. The cherry
on top is Jello & the lads ripping through a new,
updated version of "Kalifornia Über Alles" as
sung by the Gropenführer himself, Arnold
Schwarzenegger! Jello's unmistakable wit &
distinctive punk-rock croon is fully intact on
this live Jello classic that sounds the way it
was intended to for a change! CD $13


BARDO POND/BUCK PACO: Bog/Pushed Out Into The Sun 12" (BLACK 001LP) 14.00
"Philly psych-monster Bardo Pond's side-long 18 minute track 'Bog' with Detroit ex-patriot Buck Paco's Earth-meets-Skullflower '6 Months to the Day' and 'Pushed Out into the Sun (Pts I & II)'. A total of 38 minutes of music, these songs are exclusive to this release. Strictly limited to 600 copies, pressed on 140g vinyl with silkscreened covers."


JOHN'S CHILDREN: Smashed Blocked! CD (DYNA 018CD) 15.00
"Featuring a pre-T-Rex Marc Bolan, John's Children were one of the more notorious bands on the 1966-68 London mod/psych scene. Their first single 'Smashed Blocked,' with its opening crescendo of swirling organ and reverb-drenched vocals, was one of the U.K.'s first overtly psychedelic records. This collection contains many Bolan compositions, 4 BBC tracks, and alternative versions of their well-known tunes."


SLITS, THE: Live at the Gibus Club LP (EAR 306LP) 16.00
"The Slits were not just a band. Their act shook the pillars of popular music as we know it, uttering one of the loudest cries of freedom and daring to challenge the ever male-controlled music business, even in its most liberal outcomes, like the underground pop scene is supposed to be. Their chaotic mixture of free spirit, primordial jazz-funk and punkish reggae made this group a unique experience in the incredible magma of punk rock inventions. Live At The Gibus Club, recorded in Paris in 1978, is a good example of how astonished, puzzled and amazed every punk audience must have been in those incredible years."


MERZBOW: Merzbuta CD (IMPREC 070CD) 13.00
"Merzbow's back (you knew he would be) with another release in the popular Merz series on Important Records. This time Masami Akita has returned with Merzbuta (Buta means pig in Japanese) and he's looking back to the last 3 discs in the Merzbox as his primary influence for these recordings. This means that for the first time in a long time he has recorded his EMS Synthi model 'A.' Don't expect to hear anything from this record in a Volkswagen advertisement but Merzbuta is Merzbow's most approachable release yet."

Title: Arizona Amp and Alternator
Format: CD
Price: $13.00
Catalog #: THR 166CD
"Arizona Amp and Alternator is Howe Gelb and friends keeping themselves busy in the desert (actually Denmark and Modesto mostly, with a little Tucson thrown in for good measure). Howe is a mind-bogglingly prolific songwriter, and he's joined here by a star-studded collection of co-conspirators -- M.Ward, the boys from Grandaddy, Scout Niblett, Danish chanteuse Marie Frank, and Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire).

And from Aquarius records:

SHACKAMAXON "s/t" (Hp Cycle) lp 15.98
Okay 'new weird America' obsessives, drone
nerds and limited vinyl fetishists... on your
mark, get set, go! Vinyl only. Limited to 400
copies. Already sold out. We have the last 30
copies we could get. Features members of the
Double Leopards and the Magic Markers. And to top
it all off, it's actually also pretty darn great.
Slowly drifting, warm murky ambience, the drone-y
haze barely obscuring the moaning of distant
feeding back guitars, simple atonal strumming,
machine like creaks and simple muted percussion.
All smeared into one fuzzy indistinct whole.
Blurry guitars stretch into vast expanses of
ambience and found sounds, eventually getting
more active, scraping and squeaking, never enough
to disrupt the droning dreaminess, while the
original guitar seems to thicken and distort into
a pulsing and throbbing slab of super thick
drone. Nice!


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