Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lisa to Henry: Put that Pen Down, Bitch

Boston is shocked, shocked and so the Boston Globe interviews Lisa Carver about her new book and DVD:

Her latest book, ''Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir," covers her life between ages 18 and 32 -- an era she hadn't previously addressed -- and documents a chapter in the counterculture that she hadn't seen recorded elsewhere. ''I had noticed that there weren't any books around about our era," she says by phone from her home in Dover. ''It was over. It was gone, and all there was was like Lydia Lunch's all caps, and Henry Rollins, with all of his exclamation points. And I just thought, 'God bless these people, they're performers, but they should put their pens down.' "

Her book coincides with the release of a DVD of the same title that includes visceral, sometimes disturbing, footage of her avant-garde band, Suckdog; operas staged with her then-husband, the French performance artist Jean Louis Costes; and recent film shorts made with friends. ''I think it's an awesome, entertaining hour of stuff," she says. ''I never see anything like this. And I know it has a real impact on people, because I played an old video one time at a party, and a good friend of mine sobbed and left, and it cleared the entire room. . . . And I just thought, you know, when was the last time there was a good room clearer? And I just thought that I should give this gift to the American public."


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