Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tony Rettman Gets Closure in 2005

And if Tony gets closure, we get closure.

From his review of the actor-fronted Germs in NYC:
Shane West did a decent enough job emulating Darby Crash's patented slashing howl. At one point, he even asked if anyone in the crowd had any lip balm he could use, which I'm guessing is the 2005 equivalent of yelling, "One of you get me a beer!" You could go on about how morbid the act of playing these songs was, but why? Many NYHC oldsters put on their retired moshing shoes for the occasion; even former Warzone vocalist Tommy Rat came out of the woodwork. The best part is I went home none the wiser, just happy in a warm and selfish way that I got to see something I've wanted to see since I was 14. Does this mean I can go buy a house now?
FMU has a review and pictures and lots of readers saying fuck shane west.


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