Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Releases of Interest

via ForcedExposure.com:


HIDDEN HAND, THE: Devoid of Color CD/DVD (SUNN 052CD) 14.50
"Five brand new songs from The Hidden Hand. Recorded in the summer of 2005. Featuring the explosive lineup of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich (formerly of the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, and Spirit Caravan also featured on the Probot album) on guitar and vocals, Bruce Falkinburgh on bass and vocals, and new member Evan Tanner on drums. A special audio preview of the new direction the band will take on their forthcoming album. Spiritually and politically on fucking fire! No-bullshit, balls out and heavy as ever!


PANDA BEAR: I'm Not/Comfy in Nautica CD (UUAR 006CD) 5.50
"Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), one of the influential voices in Animal Collective, returns with two essential new songs available on 45 rpm 7" vinyl and CD. Based in Lisbon (Portugal), these tracks represent some of the first recorded output Lennox has produced since relocating from New York. The optimistic lyrics and triumphant melodies in these songs are carried along by pitch perfect vocals sung humbly over ambient rhythms. In addition, Noah also releases records with his other band called Jane.

YETI 003

YETI: #3 BOOK/CD (YETI 003) 12.00
FORMAT: Book + CD: 244 page 6" by 9" matte gloss journal (gorgeous metallic cover), comes with a packed-as-possible CD of unreleased/ rare music fastened to inside back cover. CD CONTENTS: Unreleased music by Devendra Banhart (3 songs), Henry Flynt, Steffen Basho-Junghans, the Mad Scene, the Lights, Dan Melchior, Ian Nagoski, World, Birdbrain, the Apes, Dead Science, the Robot Ate Me, the Blues Goblins, KRMTX,the Postal Service, Iron & Wine, Jolie Holland, Colin Meloy from the Decemberists (a Morrissey cover), Haley Bonar, the Dream Lovers and Timesbold, plus rare tracks by Washington Phillips and the Fruit Bats (during their incarnation as I, Rowboat). BOOK CONTENTS: Unpublished interview with William S. Burroughs conducted in 1997 by Alan "Love in Vain" Greenberg; R.J. Smith's discovery of a hard-boiled anonymous crime scene reporter from 1940s African-American Los Angeles; rad felt-tip drawings by Mark Dwinell from Bright; Erik Davis on "West Coast art and spiritual collage"; Naomi Yang on her design work; comics by Jeffrey Brown, Jason Miles, Souther Salazar and Carson Ellis; diaristic photo letters by Michael Galinsky; a selection of BloodNinja's finest AIM conversations; a 'lost' manifesto by Henry Flynt; many pages of photos of modern Vietnam by Charles Peterson; the editor's interview with a discharged marine who may or may not be conning him; the 9-page "Apes Guide to Apes" (where the band the Apes tells in picture form what it is like to be the Apes); Nate Lippens on Eileen Myles; a parable by Steve Arntson; interviews with Neko Case, Schneider TM, Devendra Banhart and Timesbold; plus Goldcard in conversation with the Blues Goblins (Sam from Quasi). Full page illustrations by some of today's most excellent graphic artists--Sammy Harkham, Carson Ellis, Jeffrey Brown, Jordan Crane, Eric Reynolds, Gregg Einhorn and E*Rock--accompany each article.


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