Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crap Song Writer for Celeb-Popsters Revealed

Now that we know who is responsible for "La La", I was gonna say that we can hunt her down and kill her but it looks like she's read to do it herself:

For the last six years, to little fanfare, she has written songs for and with many of the tabloids' favorite subjects — Lohan, Simpson, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton among them. Over that time, DioGuardi has become known within the music industry as a hit-making machine; earlier this month, her behind-the-scenes work was responsible for three of the four fastest-rising songs on pop radio.

But DioGuardi's more singular skill may be enabling high-profile performers with limited musical acumen — the new order of ingénues whose primary talent is to be well-publicized — to broadcast their innermost feelings in autobiographically loaded songs.

Unofficial mother confessor figure to the Us Weekly set, she's an outsider with a talent for gaining unfettered access to young Hollywood's soul-baring thoughts.

It's been lucrative, but DioGuardi admits that the celebrity muse gig hasn't always been easy. "Sometimes, when I enter a room with a girl who has had no pain, no sorrow and no experience and I have to write songs for her, I almost want to put a gun to my head," she says. " 'Cause there's nothing to pull on. Art is about pain and struggle."


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