Thursday, February 09, 2006

Crap and Slop, 2005: Da Kritiks under Der Dean Sprachen

Village Voice's Pazz and Jop poll has been up, I guess, for awhile but I didn't notice it until now. As usual, Christgau rants about everything but music (global warming is now his big concern... he ought to worry about those heat flashes, I guess). His list is as sorry as his wrinkled, shriveled brain stem.

Anyway, like the Grammys the crappiest crap (Kanye, in this case) floats to the top. Jamie Foxx is also crap and he shares "best single" with Kanye (crapcrapcrapcrap). Although I wouldn't call it crap, Sufjan's album is several rungs below Michigan but his last seems to be an overwhelming favorite (I was overwhelmed by all the overly long string interludes).

Here are some notable ballots that don't include Sufjan or Kanye.


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