Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reasons to Write Bad Checks

(just kidding, Mr. Cop)


TUNNG: Mother's Daughter and Other Songs CD (ACE 036CD) 13.00
"Tunng's newest record was recorded in the dark basement of a women's clothing boutique in their native England. Singer Sam Genders and producer/writer Mike Lindsay actually began their musical careers by composing softcore porn soundtracks, but those days are far behind. Today, the duo (with the help of several additional background musicians) is writing lush, dark, and organic tracks that stun their audiences. Lindsay has described the band's songwriting as follows: 'I like to have different textures convey a feeling, create an atmosphere.' And that atmosphere has been well-received. Tunng has already garnered a plethora of enthusiastic reviews overseas and in the U.S. 'People Folk' lounges gently over a pagan beat, like the Beta Band lost in the Congo; 'Fair Doreen' melds scratchy electronica with a pastoral, quintessentially English dynamic; 'Out the Window With the Window' is a spooky semi-instrumental, perfect spot music for The Wickerman itself. North American license of Static Caravan release."


JOHN, ELTON: Legendary Covers As Sung By Elton John CD (DBK 118CD) 16.00
"Back in the day of budget comps covering the hits of the day, a young Reginald Dwight paid the rent adding his malleable pop voice to these tasty UK concoctions. And the results are superb! Sixteen tracks of note-perfect hit reproductions with a pre-fame Elton adding his star-ready vocals to 'Spirit In The Sky,' CCR's 'Travelin' Band,' 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered,' Badfinger's 'Come And Get It' and 12 more!"

DC 309CD

LOOSE FUR: Born Again In the USA CD (DC 309CD) 13.50
"Rising from the undead three years after their debut is Loose Fur with an album of all new, all-American rock and roll called Born Again In the USA. The Loose Fur II sound is irreverently all over the place. Twinned electric guitarmonies and stop-on-a-dime rhythms give way to breezy acoustics and melodious whistling, which in turn fades into an ominous well of vibes, percussion and...distant thunder. Throughout Born Again In the USA, Loose Fur keep the changes (and the chuckles) coming, crafting a complete album of classic and questing pop music that threatens to satisfy fans of Wilco, O'Rourke, On Fillmore and even Godpsell all at once. It's just that all-encompassing -- a populist entertainment that takes no prisoners. Loose Fur is a super group/power trio (take your pick), comprised of Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Glenn Kotche (Wilco and On Fillmore) and Jim O'Rourke (Loggins & Messina)."


RA, SUN: Heliocentric Worlds Volume 1 and 2 CD (ESPDISK 4026) 17.00
This CD was released in 2005 (as ESPDISK 4005), but is now reissued again, with new cover art! New version on Bernard Stollman's ESP-Disk, combing both volumes on 1 CD (for the first time). Remastered from original tapes! "1965 was an important time in the shaping of the definitive music formula for the Sun Ra Arkestra. It was these recordings that brought Sun Ra to the forefront of the free improvisation movement as a leader and an innovator."


"Audio for this release is taken from the UK only Grass single. The title track of the single is a brilliant three-minute slice of feral, infectious pop, driven by pounding drums and yelping and hollering vocals. Two further tracks -- 'Must Be Treeman' and 'Fickle Cycle' are exclusive to this single. The former is a derailed slice of acid ambience -- all mushroomed, munchkin vocals and collapsing veils of treated electronics, while 'Fickle Cycle' -- a live favorite -- is another stunning rhythmic piece that perfectly complements 'Grass.' The DVD includes the 'Grass' video by superhate, 'Who Could Win A Rabbit?' video by Sung Tong's engineer Danny Perez, exclusive 'Fickle Cycle' video by Feels recording engineer Scott Colburn, and an exclusive six minute video and sound collage by Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance."

GI 051CD

VA: Idol Tryouts Two 2CD (GI 051CD) 16.00
"A double-disc overview of the label, with most tracks brand new, and none previously available on CD. Extremely limited 3LP gatefold version available, with the exclusive Manhunter track 'North Pole.' Avant-Pop denotes a distinct brand of off-center pop treasures -- it follows no formula, but you know it when you hear it. On this disc, exclusive tracks from Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys, Mobius Band, and the rest of the Ghostly roster document the crossroads where the avant-garde and the popular converge. Matthew Dear and Dabrye also appear, foreshadowing their respective sophomore LPs (both due in 2006) and the label's stylistic movement into the future. SMM is a mysterious acronym (Sensual Machine Music? Stately Modern Melodies?) that encompasses music of a more enigmatic nature, with an emphasis on textural and melodic nuance. This collection follows in the tradition of Ghostly releases by Twine, Aeroc, Lusine, and Kiln, with friends of the label such as Loscil (Kranky), Richard Devine (Warp) and Terre Thamelitz (Mille Plateaux) contributing exclusive tracks."


MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ: Kunitachi Kibun ('84 & '85) CD (PSF 164CD) 18.00
"Maher Shalal Hash Baz stand at the pinnacle of Tori Kudo's eccentric and beguiling musical weltanschauung, a stew of soaring melodic genius, na�ve wisdom and the eternal amateur freshness of left-footing your own brain. Emperors of error, indeed. Their very special talent has been recognized by a slew of underground labels across the world and garnered them famous friends and fans aplenty including The Pastels. But until now, the very earliest roots of the band have remained shrouded in misty tendrils of mystery. Kunitachi Kibun delves deep into the band's beginnings, presenting two previously unreleased gigs, including their first show from December 1984 when they played in a legendary triple header with High Rise and Kosokuya at the Kid Airaku Hall in Tokyo. The second show from six months later includes an appearance by the late alto saxophonist Masami Shinoda. Both soar with idiot-savant genius, Tori's truly distinctive guitar and vocals creating their own idiot-savant networks of logic with the rest of the group. A stupendous glimpse into a simpler world of communal transcendence and music making." -- Alan Cummings.


GELB, HOWE: 'Sno Angel Like You CD (THR 167CD) 13.00
"'Sno Angel is an ambitious undertaking with Giant Sand frontman Gelb backed by a full gospel choir, Voices of Praise, as well as Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara."


CLIPD BEAKS: Preyers CD (MEOW 124CD) 10.00
"Clipd Beaks is the P.M. Dawn of noise-rock. Recorded in late 2004, Preyers documents the anxiety of five boys growing into men in the last strange days of the American Empire. Each of the six songs offers a kaleidoscopic view into their collective mind, a sonic galaxy of claustrophobic psychedelia encompassing krautrock, Factory Records, This Heat, and acid-damaged raps about Abu Ghraib."

TZ 7262

HAINO, KEIJI: New Rap CD (TZ 7262) 14.50
"Keiji Haino is a mysterious psychedelic minstrel who has been performing his peculiar blend of rock, medieval music and improvisation since the early 1970s. Incredibly prolific, he has headed dozens of bands and released hundreds of CDs on a variety of labels around the globe. His latest project is a wild duo with Ruins mastermind Yoshida Tatsuya, the undisputed master drummer of the Japanese Underground. Featuring Haino's unique singing and screaming style as well as his best guitar playing to date, this is a remarkably varied and creative program of radical music by two of Japan's greatest originals."


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