Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Recent Releases of Note

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SPACEMAN, J: Guitar Loops CD (TRD 006CD) 17.00
"The first solo recording by J Spaceman of Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized fame. A strange and lovely work." Jason on Fender Jaguar & shaker, thru a Fender Super Champ. Studio recording, in one continuous take, June, 2005.


COLLEEN: Mort Aux Vaches CD (MAV 055CD) 19.00
"Colleen is a French musician working within a minimalist and melodic aesthetic using acoustic instruments. She released two albums on The Leaf Label, Everyone Alive Wants Answers in 2003 and The Golden Morning Breaks in 2005. Colleen has developed a specific repertoire for her live shows as she cannot reproduce most of the songs from her albums live and does not want to use any prerecorded element in her live shows. This Mort aux Vaches release, recorded in September 2004 in the VPRO studios, provides insights into some of the songs that she played live between 2002 and 2004; songs that paved the way towards her second album in which she completely abandoned the use of external sources such as samples and started recording everything herself. The variety of instruments (classical guitar, zither, ukulele, cello, thumb pianos, recorder, melodica and music boxes) reflects her deep love of acoustic instruments, and the occasional use of looping and delay pedals brings the music closer to the layered feel of her albums. This recording captures songs that are no longer in her current repertoire, as Colleen constantly tries to create new pieces for live shows."


FIRST NATION: First Nation Coronation 7" (PAW 010EP) 5.00
"Paw Tracks presents the debut single First Nation Coronation from the New York City trio First Nation. Just over a year old, First Nation (featuring Melissa Livaudais, Nina Mehta, and Kate Rosko) have already shared the stage with fellow musical cohorts and admirers The Animal Collective, Excepter, and Gang Gang Dance. Their single contains two songs. 'Antelope Attack' is, well, exactly that: all hoof stomping, melodic tones rustling in the wind, and then the feverish rhythmic chase. 'Braided Metal' is the sound of a Glenn Branca orchestra gone atonal before giving up and going twee pop."


TERRESTRIAL TONES: Dead Drunk CD (PAW 009CD) 13.00
"Brooklyn's Terrestrial Tones is the roommate duo of Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Dave Portner (The Animal Collective). Over the years the two have been quietly making music in between Animal Collective and Black Dice commitments. Recorded in their apartment while living in Paris last summer, Terrestrial Tones' third record Dead Drunk sounds like the duo spent a bit too much time in the Parisian flea markets. African food stands, forgotten European pop records, discarded American analog pedals and junk, old Soviet electronics, they all come together into something highly disconcerting, curiously pleasurable, and beyond new."

MAGIC BAND, THE: Back To The Front CD (ATPR 006CD) 14.50
Originally released in 2003, Back To The Front is Captain Beefheart's legendary group The Magic Band reuniting after 20 dormant years. They first reunited to play some shows and perform at the 2003 ATP festival in L.A., featuring key members John "Drumbo" French, Gary "Mantis" Lucas, Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley, and Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston. Playing classic tracks from all the best albums such as Safe As Milk, Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby, and Clearspot, this is something all Beefheart fans must have. Includes the bonus track "Nuff 'N Yes I Do."


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