Saturday, April 08, 2006

Louisville Pays Homage to Native Son

Dave Grubbs gets the hometown paper treatment after winning a prestigous $20k grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts:

Here's why he won:

  • Grubbs is a vital part of rock's experimental community, and his partnership with Jim O'Rourke and John McEntire in Gastr del Sol has been hugely influential on the post-rock generation -- musicians eager to expand the parameters of music made with traditional rock instrumentation.

  • Between band and solo work, Grubbs has released more than 20 full-length records and operates a label, Blue Chopsticks. He has toured the planet.

  • He's an assistant professor of Radio and Sound Art at Brooklyn College, where his challenge is to expand the tradition-based -- and safe-as-milk -- training of his students.

    "I grew up on punk and hardcore, so I always liked really extreme musics," he said. "The lure of experimental music wasn't so much the intellectual side or even the artistic side, but just the fact that sonically it was extreme and it interested me in the way that hearing Black Flag really interested me, or listening to Sun Ra's or John Cage's music.

    "In Cage's case, it got me interested in reading Cage's writings, and eventually I wrote a Ph.D. dissertation that's largely about Cage. Certainly it's a progression of seeking out certain kinds of extreme things. Chalk it up to thrill-seeking."

  • The article has lots more and a bunch of groovy pictures.

    Unfortunately, the article fails to mention Grubbs' short stay in Washington DC and the push among its many citizens to dedicate a park and build a statue to the man.


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