Sunday, April 09, 2006

Punx Chix E-Member E-13

From SomethingILearned's comments page on a Poison Idea compilation

sometimes you forget just how good the bad old days were, and how good the music was...the P.I. tune is awesome, but i gotta give e-13 props, they, during those days gave tom and the boys a definite run for their money as the best punkers on the block...absolutely incredible live, and completely horrible drunken retrobates, personally. the lockjaw track is really cool, too.
definetly captures their meat-headed approach to any form of social interaction.

one of my friends in high school went out with the bass player of e-13, she was always crying cuz he was always in jail, and not for little things, for assault and burglary, things like that.
i had a date with john, the singer once, i read him my poetry, he ridiculed it until i cried.
i thought we were gonna make out! lol
i didn't go to another punk show untill all those guys were dead or in prison.
-and all you macho jerks wonder why morrisey is such a turn on?
fuck e-13.

Founder Damon Oliver met his demise last month (of liver disease)

More on the band that was more rotten than Poison Idea....

(source of record cover image above)


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