Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Songs I Play

I've been playing around with a classical nylon string acoustic. Here are some songs I can do and not be totally embarassed:

"Cocaine" (the Taj Mahal one not that Clapton one)
"Me and My Uncle" (yes, but it sounds nothing like the Dead)
"Summer Lies" (Magnetic Fields)
"Such Great Heights" (Postal Service)
"Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone" (that's not the title but its an Eddy Albert / Elvis P song)
"Hitsville U.K." (The Clash - slowed down incredibly but maintaining the voice-guitar melody line)
"Jim, I wore a tie today" - Tex Ritter song
"Sing a Song For You" - Buckley, the Elder, song

Songs that still need more work
"Don't Cry For Me (argentina)"
"Rock Bottom Riser" (Smog)

Playing around with some originals but my lyrics are pretty sucky so far... of course that never stopped most people


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