Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Weekly I Have a Serious Shopping Addiction Posting

Black Keys - Chulahoma CD

Chulahoma CD
Black Keys
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Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll CD

Bang Bang Rock & Roll CD
Art Brut
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Twilight Singers - Powder Burns CD Cover Art
Large Front

Powder Burns CD
Twilight Singers
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Artist: BORIS
Title: Pink
Format: CD
Price: $13.00
Catalog #: SUNN 055CD
"The brand new studio album from Boris: Pink. Followers of the band already know that each release Boris will do something unexpected, entirely unique, and continually forging in a new direction. Pink is absolutely no exception! However, for possibly the first time these new recordings effectively combine all the strongest elements of what Boris is capable of into one solid, complete, concise album. The mega-drone of Amplifier Worship is apparent in songs like: (track 5), the balls-out punk rock is evident (track 4 and track 9), extreme dark-psychedelia manifests itself track 8 and 10) and the '70s fuzzed out acid rock is represented in foot stomping tracks like the title track and track 3. The clincher on Pink and new element that is brought to the table is an infusion of ultra-catchy melodicism into their already heavy foundation. The album opener and closer as well as title track contain infectious vocal melodies that, combined with intelligent song-writing, create a solidified, undeniable union. As with all previous Boris releases on Southern Lord, the packaging is uniquely psychedelic with the utmost attention to detail created by Stephen O' Malley . Pink come with a die-cut cover that when opened reveals 3 perforated acid-tab cards!"


SONIC YOUTH: Helen Lundeburg/Eyeliner 7" (SYR 001EP) 4.50
Two new non-LP tracks. " Two of the final tracks recorded at Sonic Youth's Murray St. studio before the classic quartet line-up was kicked out of NYC. For a time assumed to be lost, 'Helen Lundeburg' and 'Eyeliner' are both Thurston Moore-sung tracks that couldn't be shoehorned onto the upcoming Rather Ripped."


NURSE WITH WOUND: Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP (STREAM 1020) 13.50
Repressed! "This vinyl double album issue in a full-color gatefold sleeve is an extended version of Nurse With Wound's 1991 recording. In addition, this is the first-ever American release from Nurse With Wound. Thunder Perfect Mind was produced by Steven Stapleton with the aid of David Tibet, Cohn Potter, John Balance, Rose McDowall and others. It displays Stapleton's growing interest in aggressive rhythms as well as further refinement in creating textures.... '... At this point, and many others on the tape, the voice became nearly inaudible. 'The bungalow house,' it said, 'was such a bleak environment in which to make a stand: the moonlight through the dusty blinds, the bodies on the carpet, the lamps without any lightbulbs. And the incredible silence. It was not the absence of sounds that I sensed, but the stifling of innumerable sounds and even voices, the muffling of all the noises one might expect to hear in an old bungalow house in the dead of night, as well as countless other sounds and voices. The forces required to accomplish this silence filled me with awe....'' from Thomas Ligotti, The Bungalow House.

DC 310CD

ESPERS: II CD (DC 310CD) 13.50
"From the beginning, Espers has been a living, growing thing. II finds the group at sextet size, with greater powers and capabilities than before. Still, the original spirit of the band -- the American ideal of the democracy (that is in no way reflected in its current government) -- rules Espers in everything they do, gives them true freedoms to reach for the spiritual and the fun at once, and to make their music from it. The sound of Espers II was achieved using a mad variety of instruments, from your standard, everyday Martin 6-string acoustics, Fender jazzbass and drumkit to more exotic implements such as doumbek, dholak and male & female larynx (which we assume are swung around in the air to produce a recorder-like sound). Espers at play tap into their shared spaces with joy and a sense of humor (and wonder, naturally). The musical outcome is a friendly new sensation -- as the record plays, it warms the room and dims the lights with dense yet agile atmospherics, allowing you, the listener to relax, despite and yet still in communion with the realities of our present day."

Palo Santo (2006)

Shearwater has transformed itself to the point of reinvention on Palo Santo, the band's fourth album. The first Shearwater release to be made up entirely of songs by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Meiburg, Palo Santo resembles previous Shearwater albums only incidentally. It's a thrilling, paradoxical record--icily warm, welcoming and threatening, sloppy and immaculate. The austere folk that was a trademark of previous Shearwater records makes periodic appearances in Palo Santo, but thorny for... [ read more ]

CD Our Price: $11.99


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