Monday, September 04, 2006

My Fall TV Preview - Sunday Edition

Brothers and Sisters: Refugees and rejects from other shows in a sort of soapie Family Stone. Count me... out.
Everybody Hates Chris: I don't know about everyone else, but I hate Everybody Hates Chris. Supposed to be funny cuz it's associated with one of those comics named Chris, but I don't care.
All of Us: I'm laughing because it's in its third season and I have never heard of it. It's on the CW so does anyone care?
The Simpsons: Creaky and aging, it's jumped the shark by becoming a "who's the hot guest star showing up in animated form" show. Bye, bye, Homer. We had lotsa laffs.
The Game: Apparently a ripoff of the Beeb's Footballer's Wives itself a ripoff of something else. It's on CW. Who cares.
Girfriends: Who? Is this an actual show?
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Ty Puddington is rapidly rising on the list of network stars who deserve to be run over by a beer truck
The Amazing Race: The Amazing Bore. Turn the sound off so you don't hear the constant bickering and you get a few seconds each week of some sites around the world. The host needs to be slapped around a bit.
American Dad: Go away, American Dad.
Family Guy: About the only show on the networks I would watch. Unfortunately, it is put in a crappy timeslot against whatever big serial show HBO is showing each week. I'll have to wait until these eps show up in repeats on TBS or Adult Swim.
Cold Case: Never seen it. Never want to.
Desperate Housewives: Watched this show for like five minutes. What's the big deal - it's yet another crappy network drama.
The War At Home: Michael Rappaport is probably a nice guy but he must be a masochist to be humiliated like this every week.
Without A Trace: I wish it would go away without a trace.


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