Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dylan's Chronicles

Last night, I sat down at B&N and skimmed the Dylan book. I didn't have the $24 and if I did I'd probably rather spend it on music.

Top takeaways:
- Dylan got a lot from The Carter family in terms of bluegrass, country influences
- Dylan spend a drunken night with Bono telling him tall tales about Minnesota
- Bono hooked him up with Lanois
- Dylan used to visit Pete Seeger on his sickbed
- Dylan really felt bad about playing with the Grateful Dead at first but then went out and saw a jazz singer and went back to rehearsal with the Dead and really, really liked playing with them
- Dylan got alot from listening to Robert Johnson and especially liked his lyrics and how random and odd they often seemed
- Right after moving to Woodstock, he attended his father's funeral and really thought highly of his father
- He moved away from Woodstock because he wanted to get away from reporters and people bothering him
- He was really jazzed when Archibald MacLeish sent him a letter inviting him to some function or to write music for a play (or something)
- He used to hang out with Tiny Tim
- Dylan is not a bad writer, very irenic prose and suprisingly comprehensible - I'll probably pick this up from the library when its available

Sorry, there's only so much you can pick up when skimming. Whatever concoction they were selling in their Starbuck'ish coffee shop smelled really good (toffee or something).


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Jim H said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about how he talked about employing a girl who wore sexy clothes to go out in the crowds and collect money for his performances when he was living in Greenwich Village. He said even though they split the money 50-50, he always made more money when she did the gig with him.


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