Saturday, May 21, 2005

RIP Frank Gorshin

Associated Press

Frank Gorshin in 1979.

When I was a kid I dug impersonaters like Gorshin and Charlie Callas - they always seemed to be having the most fun of all unlike, say, Rich Little, who came across to me as a self-important blowhard (perhaps because he was seen as the King of Impersonators and made lots more dough than the others).

I saw Gorshin while flipping around the tube a few nights ago doing hammy impressions on CSI Las Vegas (or whatever its called). I guess Quentin Tarantino was directing and maybe he helped get him on the show given his like of the old and forgotten stars of yesterday. The material wasn't too good and its always hard to integrate these old guys into these newish shows but it was great to see him again - turns out it was his last performance (I think). And even though he'll probably be remembered mroe for The Riddler, I still will remember him myself for his work on that short-lived TV show "The Impersonators", a variety show full of, well, impersonators.


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