Thursday, May 19, 2005

Roy Loney Interview

from perfect sound forever - he talks with praise about some of the records the band did after he left:

Choice quote - Saint Phil Graham a homophobe?

PSF: Is it true that the Groovies were banned from the Filmore?

RL: We weren't actually banned. Bill Graham didn't like me. I don't know why. He didn't like my attitude. He thought it was crappy. He didn't like our name either, he hated it. He thought for sure that it indicated that we were gay. "I don't want no faggot bands!" We were like, "No, there's not one gay member in this band!"

He wanted us to change our name before he would book us. But he came around eventually. He put us off for a long time just because of the name and 'cos he thought I was a punk or something. He was very nice to us later on. I don't think he ever really loved our music – it wasn't his cup of tea in particular. But I think because we were out there making records and we had a following, he couldn't ignore us completely. Also, there was his relationship with Alfred – they went back a ways.


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