Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Shins New Video has Backstory

That guy was 22-year-old Tel Aviv resident Adam Bizanski, who made the video for "Pink Bullets" over the course of three months, by himself, in his apartment. He built all the miniature sets and carefully moved the video's star — a paper cow — centimeter by centimeter, snapping each frame with his stop-motion camera. And in order for the cow's mouth to match Mercer's voice, he was forced to break "Pink Bullets" down into syllables ... which he eventually translated into his native Hebrew.

But for Bizanski, making the clip was easy. After all, he'd spent three years in the Israeli army, guarding the border and listening to the Shins' first album, Oh, Inverted World. For him, the most difficult thing was just trying to get in contact with Mercer.

"Much like everyone in Israel, I served three years in the army, and during that period I got acquainted with Oh, Inverted World," Bizanski said. "A friend of mine was going to New York to catch a Shins show at a record shop. I gave him a letter to give to the band and a video I've created for an Israeli artist. Eight months later, the same week I was getting discharged from the army, I received an e-mail from James saying that he liked the video I sent and would like me to create a video for the Shins."

view the video at mtv


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