Wednesday, May 04, 2005

WFMU to now post archives in 128k format.

Sound Editors at the Ready...

from beware of thee blog

Starting today, all of our MP3 archives will be recorded in resplendent 128 kilobits-per-second audio, instead of that measly, insect-like 96k rate that we once used. (What were we thinking with that 96k crap anyway?) The first show recorded at the new, better-sounding rate is Tony Coulter's show from today, Monday May 2nd. Hear it in all its life-affirming sonic glory here (streaming MP3). All MP3 archives from now on will be at 128k, instead of 96k, and as usual, we will keep them posted for 15 days, while the Realaudio archives stay up until the Phat Lady Sings.


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