Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dinosaur, Jr. (Yawn)

I was a big fan of them since their second LP and I even bought the reissued 1st CD (which is alright).

But I don't think I'll be going to see them this time. The concert is pretty expensive and its at the 930 club which only suits me when its not crowded. Of course the paradox is that this show isn't sold out so it won't be crowded.... however, it might have been sold out if it were cheaper. But my main objection is that their reunion is only a nostalgic chimera. When Mission of Burma reunited, it was to pound out some new songs but I just can't get into these bands that reunite and play their 20 year old material. Why not just join an oldies troupe and play the state fair circuit?

They just finished touring Europe and are kicking off their US tour.

Here's the clip:

Dinosaur Found In West
Updated 01:46 PDT Mon, Jun 27 2005 Dinosaur Jr. has wrapped its return as a band - over in the U.K., that is. Now the trio of J. Mascis, Emmett Jefferson "Murph" Murphy III and Lou Barlow have announced they'll be launching a string of West Coast dates, starting off at the House of Blues in Las Vegas August 13.
The alternative rockers were a critics' darling before they disbanded 15 years ago, and Mascis changed the landscape of guitar heroes. Instead of a stack of Marshalls a mile high, Mascis set up a variety of amplifiers across the stage, with enough cable to run the Eastern Seaboard.
Dinosaur Jr. debuted, again, at Hollywood's Spaceland in April, and their three albums were recently re-released on Merge Records.
The band visits San Diego, Anaheim, Hollywood, San Francisco, Portland (Ore.) and Seattle. The last date on the books is the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver August 22. We'll bet dollars to donuts, though, that this isn't the last we'll hear of them.


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