Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jello Biafra's War Against Everything Stupid, Part 234501

I missed this because, well, I don't watch the stupid show but did the American Idol singer or whatever actually sing:

Oh, I’m gonna give it everything I’ve got
Lady luck’s with me, the dice stay hot
Got coke up my nose to dry away the snot, so
(lyrics used without the permission of Jello Biafra)

Fox's Idol to Dead Kennedys: Sorry
Jun 13, 2005
Apparently someone finally told off the producers of Fox's American Idol with some success.

After former front man Jello Biafra raised a stink about Fox’s reality series using the band’s “Viva Los Vegas” without the band’s permission in a January episode (read full story), the program director issued a public apology to the band and its irate fans.

“I wish to express our sincere apology to the Dead Kennedys' and their fans for the inadvertent use of their version of the song "Viva Las Vegas" in American Idol, Season IV,” wrote the show’s music director, Susan Slamer in the statement.


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